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The Online Dog Trainer’ is a fully comprehensive video dog training program which teaches you the correct way to deal with a dogs behavioural problems created by the legendary “dog whisperer’ and veteran dog trainer, “Doggy Dan” Abdelnoor.

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Called “The latest and greatest Dog Training Product available on the internet, ‘The Worlds Only Online Dog Training Video Package’ (as the claims at the top of this page is suggesting) will show you numerous uniques and methods to re-assert control of your dog and how you will become the Pack Leader.

Visit The Online Dog Trainer website ‘Click Here’ to discover more about ‘Packleader’ 

The methods which Dan uses are NOT the normal methods by any means, much of what Dan does actually bucks the trend in the dog training world however he will provide a valid explanation of the psychology behind every method which he teaches.

The Online Dog Trainer is one of the only sites in the world which stands firmly against the use of shock tactics to dominate in training, the sites motto is “No Force, No Fear, And No Gadgets”.

The Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer has also been Endorsed By The S.P.C.A  and is used in the training by their staff.

There is no shortage of dog and puppy training books and ebooks available, but every one them which I have read (and there are many) all have a fatal flaw which virtually guarantees you are going to fail even before you begin. In my opinion you are not able to learn how to train your dog by reading about it you have to see and hear it being done for real. This is why I decided to review this much talked about and discussed system.


The Online Dog Trainer is full of carefully compiled videos where you are able to watch and listen to Dan solving the exact problem which you are having with your dog, with another real dog and the dog’s owner. You can then see the precise body language which he uses, how the tone of his voice is changing, and how the dogs respond, changing their behavior right away.
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